The following are excerpts from our FAQ section regarding our Paper Stocks. For most of our products we offer the most commonly used paper weight options for that product. If you are looking for a different paper weight option, you may request a Custom Quote.

What are the differences between the weights of paper you offer?

The lightweight paper used by most copiers is generally around 20 or 50 lb. Slightly heavier paper, used for writing and printing (letterhead and writing stationery) is generally 60 or 70 lb. Both of these types are considered text weight paper. 

Anything heavier than this is card stock, i.e. the paper used for items such as business cards, postcards, and greeting cards. You may see different labels used for different coatings; both 100 lb and 10 PT refer to a medium weight cardstock. Generally the higher the number, the heavier the paper. 

What are the differences between Uncoated, Matte and Glossy paper?

Uncoated paper is just that - uncoated, with a fine tooth. This paper is ideal for writing on.

Matte paper is a coated stock, having a semi-gloss, satiny-smooth finish. This can be written on, but tends to resist some ballpoint pens and pencils.

Glossy paper is a coated stock, having a shiny, smooth surface. It is not generally used for products intended to be written on. It is important to note that this is not a Photo Gloss or UV Coated Gloss (except where indicated in the paper options). 

Many of these surfaces can also be achieved with Matte, Silk, or Gloss Lamination, or ultra-glossy UV Coating. These provide an extra layer of protection for your printed piece. To learn more about these options, please Contact Us or request a Custom Quote.

What are the differences between the Large Format vinyl stocks?

Our banners are printed on durable vinyl material in a variety of weights:

13 oz Economy Vinyl (Scrim): Ideal for indoor use and short-term exterior use. Lightweight, textured vinyl.
13 oz Premium Vinyl: Ideal for indoor use and short-term exterior use. This material has a smooth finish on both sides, is completely opaque, and is more durable than 13 oz Scrim.
15 oz: Heavier vinyl, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
18 oz: Our heaviest vinyl, durable and long-lasting.