Meet the EBC Promo Team!
We provide creative, out-of-box solutions that make an impact on your brand and business!

Melanie is our Brand Specialist
She provides ideas and support to brand products that businesses need from concept to completion.

Kirsten is our Brand Apprentice
She focuses on creative, outside-the-box ideas.

Cathie is our Print & Apparel Website Designer
She creates branded websites for businesses that are looking to streamline their print and apparel/uniform ordering.

Andrea is our VP of Marketing & Sales
She creates innovative marketing solutions to support businesses.


Why Create Promo Products?

Make a long-lasting impression on your customers with practical promotional products.
Create custom items with a variety of products and gifts that can be strategic to your business marketing needs!

Businesses use promotional products because they:
•  Generate buzz
•  Impress consumers with tangibles 
•  Complement other marketing efforts
•  Boost customer loyalty
•  Gifting leads to reciprocation

We cater to all business marketing needs, contact our promo team today!


EBC Promo Team:
(610) 674-4423